A love poem IX

When white buds survive the false spring’s storm a fight for will and desire is won. In commemoration does Nature bestow a gift: on a petal write that which most your heart desires, will it true and as spring beckons, your desire will, too. And I write your name on all of them.   Tracings … More A love poem IX


No longer do bubbles issue at the mouth and limbs’ frantic flapping is laid to rest, without fruit, why try? Weightless it floats, water cupping gently all human imperfections; there is no he/she/they, whomever had been is now “it”.   Before the heart stopped and lips lost lustre, it felt the hopelessness move in As … More Drowned

Let it snow

In silence it carpets the world, a lush blank slate of fresh beginnings, not impatient but precise: the new canvas just for those starting again. Trees lose voice as it falls, and in unechoed quiet, you hear its soft dithering on your hood as you walk.   A game of charades: What is the meaning … More Let it snow

Where they meet

  In a cup on Earth sits the sea, its excess laps over the side leaving a trail of foam on a sandy saucer. The wild blue tamed, white, gilded in the day.   Walk the confluence of water and sand; the former envelops, the latter embraces, shaping a mould that lasts an instant. Our … More Where they meet