His Angel’s Last Sigh

God’s tears fell from the sky as he lay,

His most devout worshiper on his bed

waiting for the gentle arms of death to

carry Johann away to meet his deity.

His eyesight long gone but his hearing

remained as good as it was when He had

bestowed it upon the father whose child sat

at the organ, playing a partita.

Johann groaned in pain and right before the

end, his son stopped to tend to his father.

The father heard and could not bear his

unfinished Melody. On the verge of

a stroke, Johann woke and hobbled to the

Organ, sat and finished his last tribute

to Him, as His tears fell from the sky.

Then, with a sigh of satisfaction,

knowing that he had pleased his creator,

his God, the court composer lay and with

a final sigh, he smiled and closed his eyes.

His Lord had recalled his Angel to his world.


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