The humming grew, seatbelt sign switched on,

The little tube, trembling for cold and fear,

Descended, homeward bound.

The horizons rustled,

And from the under its blanket in the distance there arose,

With all excitement of the early bird,

A ball of quivering heat and hope.

Bathing fields of white in auburn,

The phoenix of everyday took flight,

Nursing birds awake, coaxing snow off trees

In tiny pellets of water.

Then it trained its attention on me.

Time stopped, the humming subsided

Until it was just I and the herald of tomorrow

Looking me in the eye.

With a searing, sweeping, all-encompassing glance,

It washed me off myself,

Imbuing flesh with a new soul.

The light that painted the sky pink, red, orange and blue,

With each passing moment, its intensity grew—

At its peak, it shined through me, and onto the pane beyond.

The photons spoke in a language true

Of a world where possibilities from possibilities grew.

Rendering opaque, dead flesh and all cut away,

Filling me with brightness, a new day.


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