Lamplight in the mists


Like the still flame in the flickering wind,

Like the blade stepped on but stands unbent,

Like calm waters in a moving world

The lamplight shines, undeterred,

Through heaving mists of nightfall.


As nature’s translucent curtain descends

Heavy, but gainly on unsuspecting heads,

Like the beacon at Alexandria, threatening

To stand tests of time, hail and storm,

The lamp emanates an unflinching glow.


Rays slice into the dark,

The lamp surveys the activities of night.

Watching even the trees, contorting

The shadows as their arms move

To accommodate the winds.


Stung eyes, bit faces it guides

To nearest ports of shelter and warmth.

The looming heathen, unbiased for all,

Hope and solidarity radiate from

A pale encasing rendered moot.



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