Lights in a bottle


Easier to vest in glass than ships,

Each bead is lowered carefully,

Anchoring the glow in its cabin.


Lighted buds in conformation contort,

First this way then that.

Dimly bright in the corner

Like a lighthouse it glows, bound,

Effervescent but silently glinting

Like Tokyo with a solitary light

Or the lonely isle of happiness

Floating cautiously atop murky waters.


A bottle its within deprived, swells

With twinkling parts of soul bestowed.

A worn shine its soul emanates

That haltingly reaches walls that corner

Its new prison.

On a moody moment, the light changes

A sombre pink to sullen red

Until its glow is heard,

Its sadness that turns ours to awe





Photo credits: Devika Jhunjhunwala.


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