Deceitful Compass


Beyond the light, where the mind’s eye fails,

Dwell moments where head and heart depart

Divulging their own desires, pounding logic and emotion

Which throb louder than a church when the bells ring.


Like Apollo’s horses, junctures force a reining in of hopes

Lest they scatter like colours on a Pollock.

Scaffolded by restraints, within and without,

Dreams creep along, most paths blocked at every turn.


This road we all take contours with the hour,

Glances wherein forks with many heads often encountered, boards

Akin to roadsigns, but on these writ “do”s and “don’t”s for all palpable decision

Closing doors on freedom with a resounding silence.


At the cadence of choice, unworldly whisked away

The chance to feel relief of pleasantries that follow,

Locking doors before you can for yourself

In binds engraving deeper with every blink.


Deceitful compass, you tell us all ways lie available,

To tread paths, touch clouds as yet undisturbed.

But the reality where we reside, you seemingly transcend,

Dam our trickle of possibilities but bait with tantalizing dreams.




The photo is taken from Arnaav Bhavanani’s album: m-k / 1724km, 11c, 5d

m-k / 1724km, 11c, 5d







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