The Fruit of Wanderlust


An untouched sentimentality triggers, unto the heart,

The impulsive impulse to curb the pace of routine

And view the sky from among the boughs of trees;

Willingly lose yourself to find something more, there where you are a stranger.


Irony abounds when people expedite their lives,

Worrying all through, blind that the simple abolition of a superficial mask

Forces the soul to don an identity it truly embodies

Or to embrace, aspire to that we desire.


Lose yourself a-while in the cadence of a concerto,

The assonance of a forest or the amicable collusion of words on a page.

More so, want for the brief crisis of an identity headless

Afforded by these elements, thresholds to new dimensions.


Delve beyond the illusive facade, break the surface at a point of discovery

Where calmness blankets a furrowed soul,

Where perspectives shift and hopes mature,

Where both happiness and an inner-peace qualify a smile.




The photo is taken from Arnaav Bhavanani’s album: चीर बत्ती | ignes fatui

चीर बत्ती | ignes fatui


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