To Hold On

Far be it for me to will them to stop

When leaves sway by the wind,

Far be it for me to force the sand up

When hours and gravity drain it asunder,

Far be it for me to scaffold pieces

And have them fall as I want.

I may cup water with two half-moons

But it pours, drop chasing drop,

Like dominoes imprinting ripples

On a mind chained to the past.

Like a defective video game that spawns

And changes as I walk ahead

But banishes to thoughts chased in loneliness

The earth already trod.

I look over my shoulder in a denial of life

And let my mind waltz

In the shadowy meadows of what was,

I crave the blinders on horses’ eyes

That curtail all but what lies forth

Because I live, and life is will to hope

And pace, stroll, walk, drag on

With the rock chained at my pinion.

To feel is a boon, hope a divine freedom

So cast not aspersions on ghosts,

Embolden my hide, embrace fear and guilt;

Chase with the tide or against it

Rage against the dying light or with it

But to tomorrow is always the cry of today.



The photo is taken from Arnaav Bhavanani’s album: metro.pol : nyc

metro.pol : nyc



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