A love poem


After the rain, through the droplets that cling to the edges of leaves

Must I stare at your beauty for any other way would blind me,

Which would be amiss not for the blinding but because

I would be unable to see you again.


To contort Keats, I’m glad our lips kissed and I wish they never bid adieu,

In that farewell my heart would sway like a boat, back and forth,

The wood afraid of the testing rocks near shore and rough tides,

Would forever twirl in an unforgiving, liminal maze.


Ever the stars remain, calming me for decades,

But now I haven’t need for them because the heart no longer requests directions

For you are my north pole and that is all I see, the brightest light

In a world where all that glitters may be gold, and yet not.


I wish all paths I tread remind of you, like a scent that lingers after a downpour

In a pathetic fallacy that my soul desired until not long ago.

Now the heavens may cry, I have no care

But a tear rolling down your cheek is my consummate weakness


And the smile upon your lips is a treasure with which I shall bury my heart,

Entrusting the map and key with you

For you then possess the power to destroy me, if you wish,

But so you may always find your way back to me.




The photo is taken from Arnaav Bhavanani’s album: m-k / 1724km, 11c, 5d

m-k / 1724km, 11c, 5d


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