A love poem II


Borne aloft by flames of passion

Atop the candle with wax of delicate fashion,

Our love— a hue of concentric blue

In a sunset gold— replenishes anew,


The flame awake in a dark night:

In two, one over the other until birds serenade the light,

For you, I patiently walked a shattered heart, strewn like glass,

But as I chafed and bled, in your love they resemble but crunchy pinpricks of grass.


Every moment I in your love’s shadow drenched,

The memories in eternal stones lie entrenched;

Far beyond the eyes see, where you and I shall no longer be we,

I will visit these moments, trying to chase from my heart the misery.


Your fingers like rivers between these hilly knuckles of mine,

Silently serene in beauty, their divinity I take as a sign

That my hope for happiness, malignant and infectious, will eternally abide

And fill a void my mind has long attempted to deride.


Ever may our love reign, and I will forever return to your warm embrace

Which drains my tiredness and sets upon me heart such a pace;

I know the quicker it beats, earlier to death is is bound

But that is a price I happily pay, for in you a reason to live I have found.


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