A Parting of Ways

Don’t mistake choosing a path with courage;

A fork is a gun held to the head. Over

The shoulder, wilderness uncrossable

Has grown. Prudence, like Virgil to your Dante,


Guides choice, and prudence is not courageous.

Praise not some dead leaves, underfoot, over

Others nor sigh in relief or grief that

Keeps a reader guessing. Choice is a must,


Desire like those leaves lies crumpled

At the threshold where stasis was painful.

Logic rules minds where there is no place for

Heart, scything through chirps which give hope that is


Perishable by its very nature.

Trees between paths hide them, helping curb what

Mind calls curiosity, the heart nostalgia

And my Will an unfortunate nuisance.




The photograph is taken from Arnaav Bhavanani’s album: M-K / 1724KM, 11C, 5D




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