klohiya relishes books, both good, bad and even the weird vampire-kind. No, he can’t stand poorly written, terribly grafted vampire stories but he enjoys reading pretty much everything else. He has a passing interest in nearly everything that happens and loves to talk about anything. Except gossip. He hates gossip. He loves music and football (no Americans, the game the rest of the world calls football). Based on this blog, most can tell that he enjoys writing about anything from morality to sitcoms. And also, he finds writing about himself in third-person terribly unsettling.

Disclaimer: This blog is essentially a sack-full of obnoxious, uneducated and basically all-round buffoonery, punctuated with the occasional amateurish and poorly strung together collection of words the “poet” insists on calling poetry. You are highly recommended to read the posts on this blog, spread the word about how terrible it is so others can see it and agree, and then forget all about it. Happy reading!!


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