A love poem III

It’s how she walks – elbows tucked, arms out Ever so slightly, lacking the obviousness that would be odd, Her legs sweep over the ground, barely touching, In gentle caress, as though they were her fingers upon my cheek.   It’s how she blinks – the small of her eyelids Tugging at the bulge to bow … More A love poem III


To be, and then to not: Little wingednesses flout Shakespeare’s paradox. Like “join the dots”, they pepper the night With a liminal existence which is and then not. Yet in wonderment those flecks draw us, Our eyes chase luminescence, a sure-fire attention-getter But only when it chooses.   For ever has nature lured the artiste … More Firefly

A love poem II

  Borne aloft by flames of passion Atop the candle with wax of delicate fashion, Our love— a hue of concentric blue In a sunset gold— replenishes anew,   The flame awake in a dark night: In two, one over the other until birds serenade the light, For you, I patiently walked a shattered heart, … More A love poem II

A love poem

  After the rain, through the droplets that cling to the edges of leaves Must I stare at your beauty for any other way would blind me, Which would be amiss not for the blinding but because I would be unable to see you again.   To contort Keats, I’m glad our lips kissed and … More A love poem

Truth will out

A drink stains near the bottom of a glass, After the last dregs have drained, Painting its tinge where it sits the longest,   Just like emotions compressed leave An indelible hue that reeks of them In the darkest attics of sensation.   Their colors unseen in the holistic Until the last remnants of belief … More Truth will out


A grand cluelessness that serenades tomorrow Drains from the bathtub of being hope, Like the little hole at the bottom left unplugged. The temporary separation of purpose and i, One that lay conjoined with me before i was And after i will be, Removes the desire to open my eyes When the alarm crows like … More i/me