A Parting of Ways

Don’t mistake choosing a path with courage; A fork is a gun held to the head. Over The shoulder, wilderness uncrossable Has grown. Prudence, like Virgil to your Dante,   Guides choice, and prudence is not courageous. Praise not some dead leaves, underfoot, over Others nor sigh in relief or grief that Keeps a reader … More A Parting of Ways

Grown up

Maturity is where dreams go to die. To have grown up is to be mature And passage is contingent like security at an airport: Water is to be consumed or discarded But you can’t take it with you.   That the American Dream is dead is true, Because all dreams are Because they were never … More Grown up


I love cars; not for speed or style But that they go anywhere Between white or yellow lines, And they need only a spark.   The engine thrums then roars, in order Like two movements of a symphony That resounds and then is camouflaged With a calmness lingering over the dashboard   In the inertia … More drīfan